Changing URL and map pin label coordinates

Two customization questions:

  1. Is there a way to simplify or customize the URL slug for stories, so that it might be something like instead of Or, at least replace the number at the end with a word? In addition to a cleaner, simpler URL, this would be handy for analytics tracking to know at a glance what stories are getting the most traffic; currently I have to go back to our site and remember what story “26” is…

  2. Can the lat & long on the map labels be changed to display a street address instead, or omitted altogether?
    map pin


This is more of an Omeka question. You might want to ask on their forums, but to my knowledge, there’s no simple way to customize the default URLs.

If you enter a Street Address (in Item Type Metadata), it will appear in that same spot instead of the coordinates. Including a street address is a best practice for accessibility reasons, since it will also be used in the caption for the map figure, making the map more useful for the visually impaired, etc.

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Thanks - I always thought the “Street Address” field in metadata was sort of redundant, but now I see its purpose!

Yes. The Access Information field is also useful for documenting the location. Sometimes, we use it to explain why the pin is placed in a particular location. That text is also added to the map figure caption.