Changing link in stories to go to exhibits rather than items?

I’m working with a faculty member and we came to Curate Scape for the tours function (which is great!) but she has a lot of text. It makes more sense to create a more traditional Omeka exhibit for each topic (7 topics, dozens of images). Is there a way to change the underlying link in the “stories” button to go to the Exhibit page rather than the “items” page?

I already enabled the omeka navigation, but the exhibit link appears at the bottom and Stories still appears at the top. I know I’m not exactly using it as created, hoping I can bend it a bit to my will.


You’ll want to look at the mh_global_header() function in custom.php around line 220…

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Thank you! I changed the link successfully.
Then I got a little ahead of myself and added a third button Places (link to Stories), Stories (link to Exhibits), and Tours (link to Tours)

I have three buttons with three different links, but there’s only an input on the front end for labeling 2 buttons.
Where could I find the file mh_item_label? Could I add a third option in there?

You can just replace <?php echo mh_item_label('plural');?> with whatever text you want, e.g.

<a href="<?php echo url('/items/browse/');?>" class="button button-primary">Places</a>


<a href="<?php echo url('/items/browse/');?>" class="button button-primary"><?php echo __('Places');?></a>

No reason to create a new theme option unless you plan to distribute this to other users who might want to change it. But you can find all that stuff in config.ini. All functions prefixed with mh_ (as well as a few others that I forgot to prefix) are defined in custom.php.

You’re wonderful! Thank you for supporting my trial and error style of bending things.

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