Calls to Action plural

Hi @ebell. I was wondering how much editing would be needed to allow the creation of multiple calls to action in different positions (3) so basically cloning the form and letting it occupy more than one position on the home page.

My other question is how hard it would be to make two buttons on a call for action, each leading to its own url and with its own button text.

I’ve been playing around with just doing it in html/css and then setting a simple page like that as the homepage. It mostly does what I want, and makes it easier to translate since the strings are static content.

If I wanted to embed the map window at the top using css, what would I need to do? If I can’t that’s okay, because we already have the stories and tours buttons featured prominently so it’s really easy to get to the map.

The logic in case you’re curious is that we’re using an Omeka Curatescape site to do stories and tours, but also to do some other work packages. So we’re trying to rebalance the home page to make sure that it isn’t just all about the stories and showcases the other projects (but that content is also easy to get to).

It should be pretty straightforward if you edit the theme’s PHP files (note that any changes would then be overwritten if you upgrade the theme at a later date).

If you want it to be a configurable theme option, just copy (and rename) the theme options in config.ini.

Then you can copy or modify the mh_home_cta() function in custom.php so that it uses the new (renamed/duplicate) option.

You’ll also need to modify the main homepage_widget_sections() function as well as the related functions, e.g. a new homepage_widget_5().

Depending on how and where you want the new CTA to be added to the homepage, you may also want to add a 5th version of the widget_section options, which is used to create the dropdowns in theme options.

Thanks @ebell! With regards to my other question, is there any way I can feed/embed the Curatescape map into a simple page?

There’s no way to embed the map per se, but you could try copying the relevant code from the homepage (see below) and placing it into themes/curatescape/simple-pages/page/show.php, where you’d also need to change 'maptype'=>'none' to 'maptype'=>'focusarea'. I haven’t tested this so there may be additional steps like updating the CSS, but that’s the gist of it.

Thanks @ebell. Our project (as you may have guessed) has a lot of competing priorities that I have to balance, but so far Curatescape has always proved to be more than up to the job!