Branding Questions

Friends: My Curatescape project,, is the best thing I have ever done. We are up to 650+ stories, all written by my students at Eastern Washington University.

However, the university rarely gets credit when the project is cited. Yesterday a local magazine praised the project, and attributed it to “the Spokane Historical Society” which is not even a thing.

How do I make university branding more obvious on a Curatescape site? Are there some good examples?

I know the feeling. Our project is funded by the EU’s Regional Development fund, and we have strict mandates about displaying their branding. The solution we settled on that balanced having obvious branding without it dominating the page was to put it in the footer under custom html.

I quite like how the College of Charleston built their logo into the project logo and made a nice banner.

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I like that Charleston logo, and it looks like Curatescape will support that without any special fiddling. Erin, is that right?

James, what is your project?

Coincidentally, our project will be launching very soon on its new Curatescape website. The project is called Ports, Past and Present. The url is, which by the time your read this may be on the old or new website. If it still looks like a standard website and not Omeka, the domain will be redirected soon :slight_smile:

Hi @larrycebula, this happens to us with our Cleveland Historical project as well. People assume we are the Cleveland Historical Society (though we haven’t yet seen a journalist make that mistake). In hindsight, I suppose it’s a natural side effect of the name we (each) chose.

I think you have a few options to clarify that yours is an EWU project.

  1. You can configure the homepage to keep the “about” widget near the top of the page.
  2. We can work together to update the logo, incorporating EWU branding.
  3. We can add an EWU logo to the footer.

Hi Larry,
At the MT Historical Society we only have two authors with our sign program, so it’s a bit different situation. But as Erin mentioned, configuring the About blurb to be right after the map has helped us. See our page. We also need to get the Society’s logo in the footer.

We did that too, and used it as a spot to acknowledge our funders.