Border around the page wrap

Hello everyone!

I’m new to Omeka and Curatescape and I’m getting to know these amazing instruments - they’re incredible!

For the project that I’m creating I would like to add a border around the wrap, so I can have the white main container and a border around it. The whole project is about postcards, so the idea was to create a border that could mimic the one of vintage postcards. I have an image for it - I guess I’m looking for a way to attach this image to the wrap and duplicate it to cover its whole length and width. Is it possible? How would you suggest me to do it?

Thank you very much for your help!


Hi @Guglielmo,

You can do pretty much anything using CSS these days. There’s a theme setting at Appearance > Themes > Curatescape > Advanced for adding Custom CSS. It’s really meant for small tweaks and adjustments, but you can put any custom CSS there. Or you could edit the theme codebase for more extensive changes, keeping in mind that this will make future updates more difficult.

Hi @ebell thank you very much for your reply: I will look into these resources.

If anyone is interested, I managed to add a border to the page wrap by adding this code in the Advanced > Custom CSS area:

border: 10px solid;
padding: 15px;
border-image: url(“http://www.YOURDOMAINHERE/files/theme_uploads/YOURIMAGE.png”) 30 round;

You will have to upload YOURIMAGE.png in the Files > Theme_uploads folder for it to work.
It should also be square and with an element that can be repeated in the middle sections. Just test it and you’ll see what I mean.

A great example can be found here:

Hope this could help someone in the future!