Announcement: New Feature for Tour Builder (Custom Location Text)

The latest version of the Tour Builder plugin (1.9.3) includes a new feature, allowing tour authors to customize the subtitle and text for each location/story item in the tour.

How do I get the new features?
All sites hosted by Curatescape have already been updated with the latest plugin and theme versions.

Other users may download the latest version of the Tour Builder plugin. You may also need to update to the latest version of the Curatescape Classic or Curatescape Echo theme for full compatibility.

How does this impact the apps?
Importantly, these customized text fields do not appear in tours within the Curatescape mobile apps. At least not yet. For the time being, this is an optional feature that will be most useful for refining the web presentation of tours. As we see more usage over time, we will evaluate whether and how to bring these changes to the mobile apps.