Announcement: New Feature for Tour Builder 2.0 (Custom Order)

The latest version of the Tour Builder plugin (2.0) includes a new feature, allowing site admins to customize the order in which tours appear when browsing. The latest versions of the Curatescape Echo (1.5.1) and Curatescape Classic (5.5.4) themes have been updated to support this new feature.

Updated admin browse view
In addition to the inclusion of a Custom Order column, the user interface is now more closely aligned with typical Omeka UI conventions for indicating private and featured records and for toggling additional record details such as tags.

Updated admin tour editor form
The new Custom Order field is located above the Public and Featured checkboxes.

How do I get the new features?
All sites hosted by Curatescape have already been updated with the latest plugin and theme versions.

Other users may download the latest version of the Tour Builder plugin. You may also need to update to the latest version of the Curatescape Classic or Curatescape Echo theme for full compatibility.

How does this impact the apps?
Custom tour order support will be added in a future app update.