Announcement: New Feature for Curatescape Admin Helper (New User Activation Links)

The Curatescape Admin Helper plugin has been updated with a new feature to help streamline the addition of new users. As many site admins know, new user activation emails that are sent from Omeka often end up in users junk folders or are otherwise lost. Now admins will be able to copy the activation link for each new user and send in a personal email, direct message, etc.

Download the latest version of Curatescape Admin Helper

All sites hosted by Curatescape have already been updated with the latest version.

Note that this option is for newly-added users and users with pending invites. It will not appear for users who have been manually deactivated. To create a new activation link for these users you will need to use the standard Omeka option to “resend activation email.” After doing so, you will be able to copy the activation link from the users browse view.

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