Adding Documents / File to Curatescape Item


Out of curiosity, is there any way to add documents / files to a curatescape item? We’re thinking of moving our property database over, and for the most part everything can be moved over through metadata elements and I know how to display them, but we’d like to attach survey files if we could. Is there an example of how to do this from past work or would I be walking into new territory here?




You can upload “document” files but, at present, they won’t be displayed on the front end. This decision was made due to the generally poor experience of reading PDFs, spreadsheets, Word docs, etc. on mobile devices with small screens (and on the web in general). At some point, we’ll add support for these file types on the web, but they will likely not be available on the mobile apps. I’m thinking the web display will just be a table of downloadable document links, e.g.


@mprythero1869 I’ve updated the theme to support documents.

You can download and activate the latest version of the theme here.


@ebell - Thank you so much for adding this support! I greatly appreciate it and fills the last gap we need in our project. I understand the reasoning behind this but the desktop application support does do what we need. Thank you so very much for this! Matt