Unable to upload file images to an item

I’m trying to upload images of newspaper articles onto items, but every time I try I get a notification that “omeka has encountered an error” I’ve tried changing the file type and size, and nothing seems to be working. Here is an example file name that I’ve been trying to upload Wood_County_Reporter_Thu__Jul_30__1891_-2.jpg
Please let me know if there is a way to fix this! Thanks!

If this is a new install, you may need to configure ImageMagick settings in admin/settings/edit-settings. Typically, it’s /usr/bin/ but it varies by host.

It could also be that the image itself is the issue (too big, etc).

To get a more detailed error message, follow the instructions in the Omeka documentation: https://omeka.org/classic/docs/Troubleshooting/Retrieving_Error_Messages/