Preview image on social media

So it looks like preview images aren’t showing up for our site when shared on social media - below are examples from Facebook and Twitter/X

Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 8.54.58 AM

Any ideas why this would happen?
I saw this similar post - I tried putting one of our site’s URLs in the Twitter card validator and got back
“ERROR: Failed to fetch page due to: HttpConnectionTimeout”

Any suggestions?

You’ll need to edit the robots.txt file, which blocks crawlers on the images directory. Just delete the contents of the file.

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Thanks, Erin! I saw the mention of “updating” robots.txt in the other discussion, but wasn’t quite clear on how it should be altered.

@aaronbcowan, FYI, I’ve updated the curatescape_utility script to clear the contents of robots.txt each time it is run. If you already use this script to keep plugins and themes up to date, you can now also use it to complete this task as well, which should make things a little easier to manage (since auto-updaters will restore robots.txt to its default state).

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