Possible new content type: Heritage organization

I’m wondering about the possibility of a new content type, in addition to a “story”, having the ability to pin a heritage organization (museum, archive, historic center) on a map and provide some basic information. There is a bit of a data model to draw from here in the International Standard for Describing Institutions with Archival Holdings (ISDIAH). Here’s a bit of an example of what this might look like: https://memoryns.ca/eastern-shore-archives (although it would probably have to be more generic to geared towards organizations other than archives). It would be good to provide additional exposure to heritage organizations in addition to just stories.

Hi @roger.gillis, this is an interesting idea, though you might be able to make it work in the existing framework, which is almost always preferable. Curatescape is very much centered on storytelling and location, but its fairly flexible in terms of actual use. Using your example, I would crosswalk to the following fields …

Identity Area: Authorized Name --> Dublin Core: Title

Eastern Shore Archives

Description Area: History (etc) --> Curatescape Story: Story

The Eastern Shore Archives was founded in 2003 in response to the need to preserve the records of the Hosking General Store which had been donated to the Heritage Society when the building was dismantled […]

Contact Area: Address --> Curatescape Story: Street Address

Memory Lane Heritage Village, 5435 Clam Harbour Rd, Lake Charlotte, Nova Scotia, Canada

Contact Area: URL --> Curatescape Story: Official Website


Access Area: Opening Times --> Curatescape Story: Access Information

June 15 – September 15: Open one day a week, call for an appointment.
September 16 – June 14: Open one day a week, call for an appointment.
Often open on special events days. All open hours are subject to change.

You can use HTML formatting to add section headings, formatted lists, etc.

If you have a few heritage organizations you’d like to tie together, you can use tags/subject headings and also put them in a “Heritage Organizations” tour. They would all still be listed as stories in the main navigation, etc. so you might take the opportunity to flesh out each organization’s history to make the content more compelling (perhaps adding a subtitle and lede to help frame a narrative), but I’d say that’s entirely up to you.

Let me know if this addresses your needs or if there’s something I’m missing.

Cheers – Erin

A much-belated thanks @ebell! I’m looking at adopting this model for our storytelling efforts - will keep you posted on the progress!


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