Limit User Access to Specific Tours/Tags for Kiosk in Physical Museum Exhibit?

Does anyone have experience limiting user access to specific tours/tags/content within the app/website?

We are planning a physical museum exhibit and would like to have a tablet kiosk for visitors to explore specific tour(s) or tag(s) in our curatescape project. I know we can limit user access to prevent them from leaving the app/website with apple Guided Access, but do you all know of any way to further limit their access within the app/website?

If I understand correctly, there is no way to do what you’re describing. Public items are public to all users. Private items are only available to logged in users.

Theoretically, you could create a plugin that only shows certain items to certain users, but they would need to be logged in, and those items would then not be available to anyone else who is not logged in.

I suppose you could limit user access based on a geofence around the museum, but again this would require you to build a pretty complicated plugin.

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