Contribute an Item -- Mobile and Audio/Video files

We are interested in allowing folks to follow “tours/stories” pulled from our archive but also would like them to be able to contribute. The Contribute an Item is good when someone has the digital asset on their computer.

Is there a plan to allow someone to Contribute “on the fly?” That would mean, for example, being in a place and snapping a picture, recording an audio snippet, videoing a scene, and then contributing.

I realize that currently only TEXT and IMAGE files are allowed for Contribute. Any plans to add additional file types? If I am mistaken about these file types already available, I apologize.

Hi @kew100, while the Curatescape theme does include basic support for the Contribution plugin, the best place to inquire about expanding its functionality would be on the Omeka Forum or on the Contribution plugin Github repo. We don’t have any direct involvement with this plugin. It’s managed by RRCHNM.

In any case, we generally recommend against using the Contribution plugin with Curatescape since that plugin is designed for collecting simple file-based item records, while the Curatescape theme is designed for much more in-depth narrative content, containing many files.

There is no way to allow public users to contribute additional files to existing Curatescape stories.