Content submissions via Google Voice


Just had to share my mild excitement here; last summer a student intern and I set up a Google Voice account to allow members of the public to call in and record a memory about one of our stories, or some other aspect of local history.
We had tried to solicit some calls when we first set it up, but got no responses and hadn’t promoted it in awhile…Today, 16 months later, we FINALLY got our first submission, a great 1-minute story about someone’s experience working in the local Pullman plant! With a little editing, it will make a great audio addition to the Curatescape story. It was an exciting moment :slight_smile:


How exciting! I’ve been curious to give something like this a try. You may be interested in taking a look at the Listening Post Collective playbook which includes a variety of outreach tips for more focused journalistic-style story collection.


Thanks, Eli - that looks like it could be really useful!