About text widget - removing "A Project by ...." line

I’m working on a new tour as part of a museum’s transition to social and digital media programming during pandemic. revolutionaryworcester.org as well as lgbtqworcestertour.com
I’m figuring out a bunch of work arounds - for my needs. I saw another topic discussed about removing the “read more about us” link in the ABOUT TEXT widget.
I would like to do the same for removing the line “A Project by …” from the same ABOUT TEXT widget
Can I place a line of code in the theme settings>advanced>custom css? What might that code be?

Here you go…

.about-text .sponsor{

Thank you. It worked like a charm and thanks for the explanation of CSS basics. We really appreciate the incredible work of you and the curatescape team. be well

I also used this to great effect on our setup. Thanks a lot!