About Text, Customizing Homepage

I’m trying to configure the CurateScape theme. I’m under the About Text in Homepage options. For some reason, html doesn’t seem to be working, and I would like to introduce some paragraph or line breaks into the text. Also, there is a ‘read more about us’ link in the text box, and I can’t find where to delete it. Is there a way to control how much text the About Text (under Homepage Options) can hold? Thank you.

Hi @Barry, line breaks and paragraph tags are stripped out of that content block as it’s designed to contain only a single paragraph. All other common HTML tags are supported. The read more link is automatically placed there to allow easy access to the about page. You can hide it with CSS if you prefer. The code below should work if you place it in theme settings > advanced > custom CSS:

.about-main a:last-child{display:none}